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One Touch Function

Quick and easy. Just press the green button and the machine binds the book for you in 13-20 seconds.

Photobook Quality

The Photobook Workcell is a good choice for binding sheets that are printed with a color laser printer. Binds book up to .5".

Super Strong

Fastback binding is strong, durable and attractive. Pages in a fastback document can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull. The tough thermoplastic adhesive will not become brittle with age.

High Gloss Paper

Binds high gloss, coated papers. Micro-blades in the Splitter machine actually open the paper so the adhesive attaches firmly to the raw fibers inside.

About the System:

The Workcell Binding™ System consists of three pieces of equipment:

Fastback 20 binder .....The perfect binding machine for anyone who needs a fast, full-featured machine capable of binding in large quantities.
>> Learn more

Fastback Splitter S41 ......solves the problem of binding high gloss, coated papers. Micro-blades actually open the paper so the adhesive attaches firmly to the raw fibers inside.

Fastback Hardcover Guide - The final piece in the system is the Fastback Hardcover Guide, which makes assembling hardcover books a breeze.

Complete Workcell System
Photobook Hardcover
Photobook Hardcover

Fastback® Photobook Hardcovers™ are made with professional bookmaking materials and are available in a variety of finishes. Choose between window or nonwindow in several standard sizes. >> learn more

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