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Pressure Activated

Easy to use, no heat or messy glue. The PhotoPress uses pressure instead of heat to laminate single-sided prints to our Powis Signature sheets. This means that there is never any danger of heat damage to the photos.

Panoramic Prints

With Powis Pro Signatures, panoramic prints are possible. Score your images at the center, assemble and bind. The result is a beautiful photobook to show off those panoramas without losing part of the image along the spine.

About the System:

The PhotoPress System consists of the following pieces of equipment:

PhotoPress™ .....an easy to use binding machine that turns single-sided digital prints including silver halides into beautiful, distinctive photobooks.

Fastback Hardcover Guide .....makes assembling hardcover books a breeze.

PhotoPress Accessory Kit (optional) ......for making large format books larger than 12x12 up to 12x18 portrait and landscape.

Photopress System Products
Large Format Book - up to 12x18

Attach the PhotopPress Accessory Kit on the Photopress to make large panoramic books up to 12x18. The only supplies you’ll need are your large format prints and Powis’ 12x18 Pro Signatures. This is a perfect application for Pro Labs.

Photobook Large
Photobook Hardcover
Photobook Hardcover

The Powis PhotoPress™ System combines the best of two worlds - bookstore-quality photo books, and handmade photo albums - into one powerful product. Sequence the photos and Powis signature sheets together in the Photo- Press™. Close the lid and start the bind process. Assemble the completed book block using the Photobook Hardcover Guide.

Board Book

The finished books use a unique construction process that matches the appearance of "board books" that until now were only available from high production specialty shops.

Board Book
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