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Foil Cartridges
Foilfast and PowisPrinter cartridges are available in vibrant metallic colors: Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Black, and white. The foil printing is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Cartridges are packed five to a carton.

Foil Cartridges work with these Powis products:
Foilfast Printer P21x
Powis Printer P31
Select your Presentation Covers
    Black Foil   P21x   5   C201   $120.75 
    Blue Foil   P21x   5   C212   $120.75 
    Green Foil   P21x   5   C223   $120.75 
    Primer   P21x   5   C253   $120.75 
    Silver Foil   P21x   5   C207   $120.75 
    White Foil   P21x   5   C208   $97.50 
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