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Easy to Use

Perfect for departmental /office use. Simply place the strip and the book block in the binding machine and press the green button. The machine will bind the book block for you..

Two Strip Widths

Two different strip widths for binding from 10-250 sheets in < 40 seconds.


Creates a book that lays flat for easy handling. Shows off full-bleed pages & panoramic photos.

Document Binding

We rewrote the book on binding. No more punching and waiting, cumbersome plastic combs and wire! Wherever you work— from advertising to government, technology to finance— you can say goodbye to awkward punching and binding. The Fastback 9 uses uniques patented thermal adhesive lx-strips to bind strong, beautiful tape binding. Now you can put together bound books and documents in seconds, for pocket change. >> Learn more

Document Binding
Hardcover Presentation
Hardcover Presentations

Our Fastback Hardcover line is available in a variety of materials and colors with matching Foilfast Title Sheets for applying foil-printed artwork to your covers and spines. Endleaves are added for an even more polished finish. >> Learn more

Image Strip™

An Image Strip is a Powis thermal binding strip that has an image printed on it. This image can consist of photographs, vector art, and/or various color specifications. The Powis Image Strip represents a new level of binding customization. Now every document you bind can promote your brand, enhance your image , and ensure that each prospectus, manual, proposal or report that you produce is a cut above the competition. People will notice. >> Learn more

Image Strip

Interested in creating a strong bind using coated or glossy papers? You can turn your Fastback 9 into a photo book binder with the complete Studio Photobook™ System.
>> Learn more

ImageBack™ Hardcover

The Powis ImageBack™ Hardcovers and ImageBack™ Liners come with the adhesive already applied, so you never have to worry about messy glue application, leakage, glue build-up, or cleaning. Powis has done the complicated part of book assembly for you, so all you have to do is add your printed cover sheet. Use with the ImageBack Liners, and you can assemble books using the Fastback Hardcover Guide. >> Learn more

Imageback Hardcover
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