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Kevin Parker (inventor and founder of Powis) could have stopped experimenting after his first invention brought commercial-grade binding to the office environment. Instead, he used his discovery as a springboard to other important innovations. Each one marking a shift toward high-quality, user-friendly and meticulously designed products for the modern book industry.

Powis’ innovations:
Adhesive Technology
Adhesive Strip Technology
A radically new approach to binding, it eliminates the need for stapling and taping. Now durable binds can be created with a single thermal adhesive strip.
Smart Strip
Patented Smart Strip™ Technology
These patented “intelligent” strips are specially coded, so there is no longer any need to manually configure binding machines.
Perfectback Binding
PerfectBack® Binding
We built on our Smart Strip™ technology to create a new kind of strip – the PerfectBack Strip. The adhesive is placed so you can effortlessly attach your own paperback cover. This important breakthrough has made true on-demand and short-run publishing a reality.
Hardcover Binding
Hardcover Binding
We conquered case-binding by applying the adhesive to the cover itself. Using one of our binding systems, you can simply create bookstore-quality hardcovers one at a time, or in larger runs.
iCase for iPad
iCases for iPads
The PowisiCase is a design worthy of the iPad. It maintains the iPad's sleek design, weight and size while providing a stylish durable cover inspired by the traditional book. It features a stand with over nine positions and comes packed with features such as business card holder, hand strap, magnetic sleep/wake modes, stylus holder and more...
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