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Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker, Chairman of the Board

It’s been said that ‘binding’ is Kevin’s middle name, but it isn't. Powis is (seriously).

His interest in bookbinding began at the age of twelve. He discovered an antique cast-iron bookbinding press in his parents’ basement and in high school he produced handcrafted and bound portfolios for artists. He went on to make bookbinding his life’s work.

An inventor at heart, Kevin has spent over 25 years experimenting and researching, all with the goal of bringing strong, beautiful binding to the market. His vision drives everyone here to keep innovating year after year, breakthrough after breakthrough.

Kevin started Powis Parker in 1983, while attending the University of California at Berkeley. Today, his company employs over 100 people and serves the on-demand bookbinding market through a network of 200 dealers and distributors around the world.

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